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Healing Meniscus Tears without Surgery

Hearing that you've torn your meniscus might sound daunting - BUT the good news is that most cases don't require surgery.

So, how do we go about rehabbing meniscus tears without surgery? In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to recovery, focusing on relieving pain, restoring mobility, and building strength without the need for an operation.

Recognizing Meniscus Tear Symptoms:

When you've experienced a meniscus tear, you'll likely feel pain around the middle of your knee, with the medial meniscus being the most common location for tears. You may also experience discomfort behind the knee, along with noticeable swelling. Controlling this initial swelling is crucial for pain relief. Implementing techniques to move fluid through the knee can go a long way in alleviating discomfort.

Manual Therapy:

  1. Soft tissue work around the adductors, quads, and hamstrings can provide significant relief. This hands-on treatment helps stimulate blood flow and aids in reducing pain.

  2. Dry Needling can help reduce painful trigger points and pairing this with e-stim can create a pumping effect which can help swelling. This technique, performed by trained professionals, can complement other forms of treatment.

  3. Joint Mobility Exercises: Ensuring that the tibia (shinbone) can move smoothly over the femur is crucial in the rehab process. Making sure that the tibia has adequate rotation can help decrease shear forces at the knee.

Building Strength and Stability:

Strengthening the lower leg is a key component of meniscus tear recovery. The goal is to minimize rotational shear at the knee joint, which requires strong feet, ankles, and hip muscles. Focus on exercises that target stability in these areas to promote healing.

Gradual Progression:

As you move forward in your rehabilitation journey, gradually increase the impact and loading on the knee. Incorporate step downs, squat variations, and lunge variations, making sure to adjust the intensity based on your symptoms. Consistent progress, tailored to your comfort level, will help you regain strength and reach a full recovery.


Recovering from a meniscus tear without surgery is entirely possible with the right approach. By addressing pain, improving mobility, and building strength through targeted exercises, you can reclaim full functionality of your knee. Remember, patience and consistency are key on this path to 100% recovery.

At EVO Performance Therapy, we help people rehab meniscus tears, without surgery, on a regular basis. If you're in Nashville or Franklin, TN and are dealing a torn meniscus, general knee pain, or any other injury, we can help. Schedule a free discovery call today to get started.


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